Intelligent Operations

Predict. Prevent. Recover.

Taleris' Intelligent Operations service delivers value to airlines by helping them predict, prevent and recover from operational disruptions — improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience.

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Taleris' Intelligent Operations leverages predictive analytics technology to analyze data from "tip to tail" on multiple aircraft parts, components and systems; making recommendations, before issues arise – optimizing aircraft maintenance and flight operations.

Taleris Maintenance and Prognostics Services (325KB)

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Taleris' Intelligent Operations service provides insight into current maintenance and flight operations through a "single pane of glass" technology. When combined with prognostics, airlines have the ability to both predict and recover from operational disruptions.

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Taleris' Recovery Suite allows airlines to recover aircraft, crew
and passenger schedules quickly, efficiently and holistically.

Taleris Recovery Solution (795KB)

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Airlines worldwide use the planning optimization suite of Taleris' Intelligent Operations service to build and customize aircraft schedule routing, crew pairings, rosters and bidlines.

Aircraft Schedule Optimizer | Pairing Optimizer | Roster Optimizer | Bidline Optimizer

Taleris Crew Planning Optimization Suite (295KB)

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Taleris delivers Intelligent Operations services through an analytics dashboard, operations workbench, mobile-enabled access, data analysis and customer decision support.

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Used by more than 25 airlines, Geneva Airline Operations Management System is a comprehensive and fully integrated operations management system for enhanced performance through optimized daily aircraft and crew utilization.

Geneva Airline Operations and Management System (373KB)

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